Anastasia and the Cuban

Anastasia and the Cuban

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When Mandated Reporting Becomes Felonious

Today's word of the day is "moral turptitude". 

Moral turpitude means "conduct that is contrary to community standards of justice, and good morals."

I only bring this up because in my ongoing battle with a 78-year old scam artist and thief, she has employed a jailhouse lawyer of sort to help her figure out how to understand the court case I have filed against her for filing a false police report using a fake witness.

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This ass clown which is supposedly representing her legal interests is a man who obviously has watched waaaayyyy to much Dr. Phil (either while serving time in whichever penitentiary he was sentenced to; or after his release, when he was on parole). 

Because he obviously doesn't realize that the clause, "moral turptitude" bars most felons from gaining the necessary certifications to work with vulnerable elders and exploited or mentally challenged children and adults.

Therefore, it's highly unlikely that he is a "mandated reporter" of anything. Especially, elderly abuse that never happened.  

But instead, this "abuse" was fabricated by a demented Hungarian woman, who has learned that using our American justice system to fight her personal battles by becoming a professional victim has no consequences.

The interesting thing, is he may not have read this.

This clown runs around screaming he is a "mandated reporter" of elderly abuse; while he charges this pathetically naive 78-year old woman at least $40 for his efforts to represent her as "legal counsel" without a license to either practice law or work as a paralegal.

Can anyone say practicing law without a license?

What is even more hilarious, is that he does this while claiming that if he is sued (by me, of course) he will win; because he "knows the law and has never lost a court case in his life."

Duh! He's a felon!  

So I'm sure it isn't a stretch to assume he lost at least ONE court case...probably the most important one of his

But the pièce de résistance is the fact that he doesn't even have a clue that in his efforts to financially exploit this bitch, by charging her legal fees illegally, he is commuting elder abuse.  Should I report

I'm also quite sure that be has no idea that even jailhouse lawyers are charged with the offense of practicing law without a license.

I'm reminded of the movie, "Dumb and Dumber".

There's no fool like an old fool, right?

The sad thing is that this same old woman financially exploits her aged "boyfriend" - conning him like a pro out of thousands of dollars from his savings and letting others run his car into the ground and charging for services that many senior organizations donate for free, etc. 

In turn, the sharks who she pays to be friends with her,(primarily because of their race - because this racist woman who refers to Latinos as "the Jalapeno people" seems to feel that the low class black men who call her a "dumb white bitch" are worthy of her time, as she parades around with her nauseating, over-the-top, racist motivaed public displays of affection..kissing every black man she if their is some bond she and only she has with the black race; as some of these men confesses they want to die of embarrassment when the "n" word slips out of her mouth, in front of others. And that includes this jailhouse lawyer who charges her a fee to provide her with legal counsel.

There actually is a lesson here for those with street ethics....that old proverb that if you lie down with shit you get up with flies.

The truth is, no decent person of any race favors this old bitch. She seems to attract the lowest common denominator. 

And if she wasn't such a scandalous bitch I might even feel sorry for her and report these clowns for elder abuse...especially the jailhouse lawyer.  

But I tend to feel the theory of natural selection comes into play here.  And the stupid have their own way of weeding themselves out.

As for me, it's just a blessing to be her enemy, for now.